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Sensifys music store offers to its subscribers an affiliate program that rewards data for streaming music, referrals and daily login. The affiliate program is aimed at ensuring that every subscriber is rewarded for their streaming time and downloads.

   We let you earn data by streaming and downloading music without any inconvenience

                                                Affiliate analytics

  Sensifys affiliate scheme  occurs at seven(7) levels listed below:



   3. Amateur

  4.  Professional




  Immediately a user signs up He/she is automatically awarded a Beginners Badge. For a user to go up the affiliate level he/she must be a very active streamer and affiliate. Below are the Data incentives for each Affiliate level:

                                  How to join Sensifys Affiliate program

To join the affiliate program, all you need do is to click here, and fill in your details with a one time fee of NGN1500  you become a beneficiary of the affiliate scheme. Each Affiliate is awarded a 500mb bonus on payment of affiliate registration fee.   


                                         Data Request/ withdrawal

   Kindly note that affiliate data earnings request are granted within an hour. The minimum data required for withdrawal is 500mb and Maximum data for withdrawal is 3Gb. You can request your data earnings at anytime so far you have the 500mb  minimum threshold.