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Sensifys Rewards Premium Users SME Data for Referrals, Daily Logins and Streaming activities. 

  • 100Mb For Daily Logins
  • 750Mb Per Referral

There are 5 Levels for Progression on the platform for Users which are

  1. Novice
  2. Amateur ( 5 Gb Reward on Completion)
  3. Professional ( 10 Gb Reward on Completion)
  4. Expert ( 20 Gb Reward On Completion)
  5. Veteran ( 40Gb Reward On Completion)

Each Level has hidden Requirements which are crucial for Progress. The more you Refer, Stream and Download The higher your chances of Progress. Below is an Infographic of each Level Earnings

All data requests are granted only on Weekdays during the hours of 07:00am – 06:00pm.